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Welcome to frrick.com

The ministry of Fr Richard Healey, pastor of St Paul's, Albion Park in the Diocese of Wollongong. This website offers access to loads of liturgy resources including ebook versions of the iPriest Missal, Australian Lectionary, most ritual books, reflections on the weekday and seasonal readings and prayer books. In addition, you can also download the audio of more than 500 messages/sermons/homilies that were preached on Sundays and other feast days. Plus, there are more than 1300 movie reviews which are all tagged and linked by genre and theme.

About these websites and Fr Rick Healey | frrick!me - for more information.

Each message has more descriptive text available on the blog. Simply visit the blog, and use the archive section to go to the month when the homily was preached for more information.

Messages are available for most Sundays of the year since Advent 2008 (except for some where I did not preach or the recording did not work). All messages are dated and coded with a three character code indicating the season, week and year - eg Week 14 in Year B is 14B; Week 4 in Lent, Year A is L4A; Week 5 in Easter, Year C is E5C. Use the menus or the search box to find a particular message or homily.

- Most recent messages...

L4A - 26 Mar 2017


  • The Revolution 4 - Atonement
  • Lent

L3A - 19 Mar 2017


  • The Revolution 3 - New Goal, New Humanity
  • Lent

L2A - 12 Mar 2017


  • The Revolution 2 – Covenant and Cross
  • Lent

L1A - 5 Mar 2017


  • The Revolution 1 - Why did Jesus die?
  • Lent

07A - 19 Feb 2017


06A - 12 Feb 2017


05A - 5 Feb 2017


04A - 29 Jan 2017


03A - 22 Jan 2017


02A - 15 Jan 2017


C3 - Epiphany - 8 Jan 2016


C2 - Mary, Mother of God - 1 Jan 2017


Latest Films

  • Before I Fall

    Starring: Zoe Deutch, Halston Sage, Logan Miller, Kian Lawley, Jennifer Beals

  • The LEGO Batman Movie

    Starring: Voices of Will Arnett, Rosario Dawson, Michael Cera, Ralph Fiennes, Siri, Zack Galifianikis, Jenny Slate, Jason Mantzoukas, Conan O'Brien, Billy Dee Williams, Zoe Kravitz, Eddie Izzard

  • Cure for Wellness

    Starring: Dane DeHaan, Jason Isaacs, Mia Goth

  • Peppa Pig: My First Cinema Experience

    Starring: Emma Grace Arends, Peppa Pig, George Pig, Mummy Pig, Daddy Pig

  • The Boss Baby

    Starring: Voices of Alec Baldwin, Miles Bakshi, Steve Buscemi, Jimmey Kimmel, Lisa Kudrow, and Tobey Maguire

  • Loving

    Starring: Joel Edgerton, and Ruth Negga, Marton Csokas, Nick Kroll, and Michael Shannon

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